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Project alpha

02 Feb 2019, 19:11

Hey, I'm looking to add project alpha to the site(without adding a rom)
Is that allowed? I imagine so as the option doesn't seem to be mandatory, in addition, what should I call the article? just "project alpha"?
The reason I ask is because the name of the game is completely unknown at this time. it just says "project alpha" on the title screen with the kanji for temporary. It also uses the devil children/demikids engine from Devil Children Book of fire.

In addition, I also have another prototype in that series called "devil children: apostle of light" which ended up being a prototype of both book of fire and book of ice in the same prototype. Should I put that in an article of its own, or include that with book of fire, when I make it? It seems to be the earliest prototype for Book of fire/book of ice in existence, as its from about a month after the Japanese release of devil children light and dark(immediate prequels to book of fire/ice) I'd like to do whats good for the site and not fill with spam.

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