Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc 11/2002 - discB (demo)

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Title Screen
Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc 11/2002 - discB (demo)
Dump status Released
Game Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc 11/2002 - discB
System Nintendo GameCube

This is a Japanese Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc for November 2002 (discB).

Download all three parts here:

Disc B contains the following playable demos:

Super Monkey Ball 2, Mario Party (I think 4?), A demo that has to do with a Japanese wrestling game (Can't read the title), Mr. Driller: Drill Land, One Piece (Unsure which one)

Prior to this demo being dumped, this demo was one of four 2002 demos speculated to have an early build of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on TCRF.

While this disc does not have a playable demo, it does have a video interview (not yet on YouTube) with Shigeru Miyamoto discussing the game. An English translation will be needed for the video.

Also, due to file size upload limitations and file validation, the file has been split into three parts using RAR compression, then each part was compressed using ZIP. Unzip each into the same directory, then extract the RAR. Sorry for the inconvenience.