Earthworm Jim 2 (Apr 24, 1995 prototype)

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Title Screen
Earthworm Jim 2 (Apr 24, 1995 prototype)
Build date Apr 24, 1995
Dump status Released
Dumped by Radar
Released by drx
Origin EPROM cart
Lot Virgin (Radar)
Labels EWJ2 PAL Cheatmode Version.
Dump method EPROM Programmer
Ownership Anonymous (2000-2018), Radar (2018-present)
Game Earthworm Jim 2
System SNES
Genre Action
Final build EU Sep 25, 1995
US Aug 31, 1995
Release date US Nov 1995
EU Jan 25, 1996
Download Earthworm Jim 2 (Apr 24, 1995 prototype) (info)
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An early prototype of Earthworm Jim 2 for the SNES.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • General Differences
    • The majority of the content in this prototype is unfinished and can't be "completed" aside from one or two exceptions. While most of the content was completely dropped from the game, some of the content uses familiar aspects of the final but takes them in a different direction in comparison to what would eventually be done for the final game.
    • This prototype is extremely similar to the prototypes that can be seen in known preview footage.
    • Roughly 60% of the game's ROM can be accessed with the game (as determined by BizHawak's Code Data Logger). However, some of the data could've been read in error since many of the stages loaded with graphical glitches and more.
    • The ROM contains the following string at 0xC2
      • Program by Nicholas Jones Program Director of Shiny Entertainment. All enquiries:- 1088 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. CA 92651-1338 U.S.A Tel No. (714) 494 0772 Fax No. (714) 494 7673
    • The game's header is still using the header from the first game.
    • The staff credits from Earthworm Jim is located at 0x237F0 in the ROM.
    • The game begins at the super cheat menu screen rather than the title screen.
    • There is no Nintendo or Shiny title card yet.
    • The Options screen has not been implemented yet.
    • There is no music on the title screen.
    • No demos play after the title screen. Instead, the game cycles through artwork of various characters. This was probably done so that those who were previewing the game could have something to source artwork from for their previews.
    • There are no title cards before playing a level.
  • Gameplay Differences
    • Most of Jim's sprites are lifted right from the first game with no alteration. For instance, all of the idle animations are from the previous game.
    • Snott has not been implemented in the game yet.
    • The Manta Shield hasn't been implemented yet.
    • Jim cannot parachute with Snott, but he can use his body as a helicopter just like in the first game.
    • The CONTINUE marker is from the first game.
    • The game lacks any sound effects aside from the three sound effects used in the "Bounce the Pup" levels.
    • The cow intermissions between each level haven't been implemented yet.
    • The game over screens have not been implemented yet, and will lock the game if triggered.
    • None of Jim's upgrades and weapons seem to have been implemented yet. The majority of the items exclusive to this game do not seem to be implemented either.
  • Super Cheat Menu Differences
    • The text that describes the region of the game is yellow instead of neon green.
    • The copyright year is still 1994.
    • The super cheat menu contains a telephone number and fax extension for Shiny offices, where the final just says "SUPER CHEAT SCREEN".
    • The prototype says "MUSIC & SOUND FX USES" where the final says "MUSIC & SOUND USES".
    • The prototype says "PROGRAM CODE BANK USES" where the final says "ASSEMBLER CODE USES".
    • The prototype says "ROOM FOR SPRTLIST.658" where the final says "ROOM FOR SPRTLIST".
    • The prototype has a different statistic that reports "MAX TILES TO MAKE MAP". The final uses "ROOM PAD BYTES FREE".
    • "SOUND EFFECTS" test is absent from the super cheat menu.
    • "START LEVEL" and "FREEZEABILITY" aren't aligned with CHEAT MODE unlike the final version.
    • The prototype says "FREEZEABILITY" where the final says "PAUSE / DIM".
    • The "START LEVEL" list has different entries in comparison to the final:
Apr 24, 1995 prototype Aug 31, 1995 final build
7 -DIRT 9 -ISO-9000
    • Out of all the stages available on the start level list, "DIRT" and "MEAT LEVEL" do not load.
    • Pressing START at the super cheats screen will go to the title screen unlike the final which goes right into the level you select.
  • Tangerines (Anything But Tangerines)
    • This level contains a completely different color palette and background layer comprisng of a transparent fog layer and a static red sky layer. The foreground tile set seems identical to what's used in the final game, but with minor differences.
    • The level lacks any of the alien octopi with blunderbusses. This enemy is present in later builds that feature this version of the level but with different artwork.
    • As you walk further into the level you will encounter the "Big Bad Trouble", a gigantic alien like flytrap plant with human hands that belches a toxic cloud that follows you throughout the level. Touching the toxic cloud causes no damage. Shooting at the cloud causes the sprite to turn red but then slowly turns back to green after a few seconds. This gimmick was completely cut from the final game.
    • Aside from the Big Bad Trouble, the level seems to abruptly end afterwards as no other part of the map has been completely designed yet. However, it does seem like some parts of the level were given a "layout" to determine how the level should look before the final tiles are implemented.
    • The Granny's Chair level hasn't been implemented yet and there is no indication that a second part to this level was considered yet.
    • The stage cannot be completed.
  • Bounce the Pups A (Puppy Love 1)
    • The prototype's version of Puppy Love (called "Bounce the Pups") is the most complete section in the game. It's the only section that has some sound effects and can be completed. It is also the most identical level to the final version.
    • There are sound effects for the bomb, bouncing, and splatters.
    • The title font for level is different and doesn't play a "splat" sound effect when displayed. The title itself is "Bounce the Pups" in the prototype, where the final says "Use the Bomb".
    • Falling object collision isn't as accurate as it is in the final. Objects that fall torward the player in rapid succession can often fall through Jim.
    • The "puppy" counter counts up to 10 rather than counts down from 4 like the final version.
    • When Peter Puppy becomes angry, his sprite is partially in pencil test form.
    • The sprite for the bomb is different.
    • When Peter Puppy throws the bomb back at Psy Crow, the camera doesn't snap to the other side of the map like in the final and instead focuses the camera on Jim.
    • When you complete round 3, the game automatically goes to "Bounce the Pups B". In the final, the game goes to "Villi People".
  • Bounce the Pups B (Puppy Love 2)
    • The differences from "Bounce the Pups A" apply to "B" as well.
    • Unqiue to this stage is the addition of an obstacle that goes back and forth on the ground which causes Jim to trip. This makes the second stage signficantly more difficult than the first stage, but doesn't cause Jim to loose damage.
    • Psy Crow's puppy throwing patterns are more severe in this part, borderline impossible to keep everything afloat at the same time.
  • Bounce the Pups C (Puppy Love 3)
    • Different, but not as difficult as "Bounce the Pups B". The additional obstacle from part B is missing from this version of the stage, but retains a similar pattern to "B".
    • The next round doesn't seem to start after Peter Puppy throws back the bomb. It seems to start if another bomb is thrown or dropped on the ground.
  • Peter Pan (The Flyin' King)
    • A completely different take in comparison to what was done in the final. In the final version, the goal is to bounce a "Bomb" over torward the end of the map where the boss is so that you can defeat him by detonating the bomb. In this prototype, this level is more of a rail shooter set in the fantasy world of Peter Pan. Because of this, the level was originally meant to be longer and cover more significant areas of terrain (like oceans, mountains, plains, lakes, and through a storm cloud).
    • The camera moves at a slightly slower pace in comparison to the final. Because the stage is more linear than the final version, there are no rockets to propel you backward.
    • The level's music is "Granny Bonus Theme" while the final uses "Tropical Paradise".
    • The pirate ships do not shoot at you.
    • There are no catapulting sumo wrestlers or Snott U.F.Os in this stage.
    • Jim's sprite is significantly smaller than what's used in the final version.
    • Ammo is finite in the prototype whereas it's unlimited in the final.
    • Jim's firing range is significantly lower than the final version. It's also possible to shoot and "guide" your fire by holding down the firing button.
    • When Jim runs out of ammo, he will keep firing rapidly without decreasing the amount of ammo you currently have. Pressing the firing button causes gun to stop firing when you have enough ammo.
    • Jim can fly across the screen and stick to a Peter Pan like flying sprite. If you press a certain button, an animation of Jim throwing something is played. Pressing the fire button instantly changes your sprite back to the normal "rocket" sprite. The sprites for both of these animations look slightly corrupt and use the wrong colors.
    • About a quarter into the level, Jim will fly through a storm cloud where he will fight against a series of flying dragons. These flying dragons breath fire and will take 5% of your health away. You can shoot and destroy these enemies with your rocket's ammo. Strangely, this is one of several instances where the prototype uses prerendered 3D sprites for certain enemies and characters which is something the final never does.
    • While most of the level lacks any substantial content, the layout for the entire stage was planned. Some tiles haven't been implemented yet and object look a bit corrupt or are indicated with a X'd tile.
    • Torward the end of the level, you will come across an area with no tiles (only a basic layout). This might've been the area where you fight the Major Mucus boss.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Alien Abduct (Udderly Abducted)
    • This level is a semi complete port of "New Junk City" from the first game with some additional changes. For some reason, playing this level results in severe graphic corruption. The level can still be played normally, however.
    • The music for this level is "The Big Top Polka" whereas the final uses "The Moo Tango".
    • At the start of the stage, there is an animated 3D robot that goes unused in the final game. This object can't be interacted with and doesn't seem to do anything except replay the same animation.
    • At the start of the level, there are three collectable letters that spell "E W J" that float torward the upper left hand corner of the screen when collected. They don't seem to anything else, however.
    • The stage layout is exactly the same as it was in the first game sans the enemies and bosses.
    • The collision for the ledge grab seems to be less precise than it was in the original game.
    • Climbing wires puts Jim off center for some reason.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Carnival Ride (Inflated Head)
    • This level was completely cut from the final game. It looks like it was meant to be a "rail cart" segment similar to the one in Donkey Kong Country where you were meant to dodge obstacles while riding in a cart.
    • The level spawns Jim away from the cart without the map view cheat.
    • If you land Jim on top of a cart, he can rotate the cart in place but can't seem to move it around.
    • It looks like there were meant to be several other rooms you can access (possibly to the various games) that could only be explored by taking certain routes with the cart. However, the "doors" to the rooms lack warps so their purpose is unknown.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Inflated Head
    • The general layout of the stage has been implemented but appears to be shorter than what was used in the final game. The prototype seems to lack the falling Evil the Cat segments.
    • There is nothing to allow Jim to become a "balloon", so the stage is only explorable through map view.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Hammer Head
    • Similar to the hammer and bell stage in the final game, but is unimplemented in this prototype.
  • Chicken Head
    • Similar to the hammer and bell stage in the final game, but is unimplemented in this prototype.
    • This level was completely cut from the final game. It's nothing more than a simple game of Breakout using similar mechanics to the Puppy Love stages. You bounce around a puppy breaking blocks to move on to the next stage. Later previews that featured this stage had multi colored dog bones instead of plain blue bricks.
    • Even though there is a counter, it doesn't count up under any circumstances. This was presumably meant to count up when the puppy lands on the floor.
    • The music in this stage is "Moonlight Sonata (1st movement)" (which might possibly be in error since the next stage in the list is "Villi People").
    • Even though you can clear all the bricks, the level doesn't end.
  • Blind Sally (The Villi People)
    • The layout is mostly different in comparison to the final. It doesn't look like the "easy"/"hard" routes have been considered yet.
    • The stage's foreground tile set has various graphical glitches.
    • Aside from a handful of objects, this level lacks collision.
    • Sally the Salamander can't shoot with his gun yet, even though his sprite has one.
    • Sally's sprites are all test animation frames.
    • If you land on a platform (in this case, the bass in the beginning of the level), you can actually control Sally left and right. In the final, you can only move Sally when he's in the air.
    • If you get hurt you can still move around. In the final, they added a stun that lasts a second if you touch a monster or any part of the villi covered walls.
    • The color pallette takes on a teal like color while the final uses something akin to flesh.
    • The "Exploding Aquatic Sheep" found in the final are instead replaced with imobile omeba like monsters instead.
    • Mealworms are present at this stage of development. You can collect them, but you can't use them for anything yet.
    • The area of the map that contains the trivia show exists but nothing happens when you're anywhere near the area itself.
    • The Simon Sez minigame doesn't seem to be anywhere on the map.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Sally Bonus A
    • In the final version, the Simon Sez mini game is located on the same map as the main Villi People stage but comes after the trivia show. In the prototype, it seems that they originally wanted to have the stage be part of it's own map.
    • It seems that the mini game is functional, but due to collision issues (and the inclusion of a death pit), this makes the mini game unplayable.
    • Losing the mini game sends you back to "Tangerines".
  • Sally Bonus B
    • An unused second mini game that appears to be similar to the previous Simon Sez mini game. However it appears that it doesn't work yet. The arrangement of the bumpers is different in comparison to the previous map, so it's unclear if this is just another (harder/easier?) version of Simon Sez or if it was meant to be another kind of mini game entirely.
    • Interestingly, the background seems to be different in comparison to the first stage. This stage consists of two background layers with one layer being semi transparent. Due to severe graphical glitching, it's unknown what the background could've been. In the final, the game only uses one background layer for the entire stage.
    • This stage cannot be completed.
  • Dirt (Lorenzen's Soil?)
    • This stage doesn't load, but it is presumably supposed to be "Lorenzen's Soil". It appears that some tile data gets loaded when selecting the stage from the super cheat menu, but it's unclear as to what's causing it not to work.
    • Loading the stage plays the song "Tangerine". In the final, the stage uses "Subterranean".
  • Meat (Level Ate?)
    • This stage doesn't load, but it is presumably supposed to be "Level Ate". It appears that some tile data gets loaded when selecting the stage from the super cheat menu, but it's unclear as to what's causing it not to work.
    • Loading the stage plays the song "Italian Medley". In the final, the stage uses "Tropical Paradise".
    • Preview images for this level indicate that the level featured a much different gimmick, involving a series of straws that Jim must navigate while dodging obstacles in the form of bugs. The bugs appeared to be using a real time sprite rotation effect, which no other object has in the final game.
  • Lawyer's Return (ISO 9000)
    • The color palette is slightly more dull in comparison to the final version.
    • The background includes an additional detail in the background involving an abacus of an unknown character.
    • The music in this stage is "Tangerine" where in the final it uses "Subterranean".
    • The Masked Lawyers don't exist in the prototype.
    • The gimmick involving the hamster wheel doesn't exist in the prototype.
    • There are number ones littered throughout the stage for some reason.
    • There are killer filing cabinets in this version of the stage, but they don't suck up paper or hurt you.
  • More Lawyers (B)
    • A small unused stage with what looks like an elevator. The stage itself is locked horizontally and doesn't feature much else. Perhaps this could have been an enemy rush?
  • More Lawyers (C)
    • A small unused stage that also features the unknown character. This appears to be a possible boss room.
  • Lawyers Test
    • A small room that's similar to "More Lawyers (B)". This stage is similar to the one in the final game where you have to chase a door to advance to the next stage. While the final version was more of a puzzle, the prototype is much more linear. It's possible that this was meant to be a test stage for the gimmick.
    • The leg coming out of the closet is a foot with a boot. The final version uses a bare foot instead. The design of the closet overall is different in comparison to the final.
    • You can't pick up the closet.
    • When Jim enters the door, the game soft locks and doesn't advance to the next stage.
  • Platform 4 (See Jim Run, Run Jim Run)
    • A small level featuring a more simplistic version of the final's tileset. In the final game, you have to race against Psy Crow to reach the end of the stage before he does. It seems that the prototype is nothing more than a test stage at this point, possibly to test the tileset.
    • Both the foreground and background tiles lack the details used in the final version.
    • There are some noticeable graphics near the top of the screen that can't seem to be reached.
    • This stage plays "The Big Top Polka" instead of "Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)".
    • This stage cannot be completed.





Special thanks to Radar for this release!