Full Spectrum Warrior (Jan 29, 2004 prototype)

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Title Screen
Full Spectrum Warrior (Jan 29, 2004 prototype)
Build date Jan 29, 2004 01:08:59
Dump status Released
Dumped by aden34
Released by aden34
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Game Full Spectrum Warrior
System Xbox
Genre Real-time tactics
Final build JP Aug 27, 2004
EU May 20, 2004
US May 4, 2004
Release date EU Jun 25, 2004
US Jun 1, 2004
Download Full Spectrum Warrior (Jan 29, 2004 prototype) (info)
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Prototype build 7.08.03 of Full Spectrum Warrior for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • This build appears to only work properly on a Xbox or on emulators with 128MB of memory.
  • Test.xbe is compatible with the files despite being compiled seven months before release.xbe. Considering that both executables work without issue, the data could be from June 2003 as well.
  • This is actually the US Army version of the game. It would later be included in the final build as bonus content.
  • This build is about 100MB larger than what was included in the final build due to there being many files leftover from when the game was shown off at E3 2003.
  • The warning screen about this version of the game being solely used as a training tool is missing.
  • There is an extra controls option on the main menu. It was replaced with an EXIT button in the final build due to it being redundant.
  • A build number appears while a mission is loading.
  • The Equipment Allocation menu that appears before a mission is absent.
  • Pressing Left Trigger+Back toggles a debug display.
  • The E3 mission can be played by modifying config.ini. Set SkipShell to 1 and set Mission to msn7.wld.


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