Jak X: Combat Racing (Jun 23, 2005 NTSC prototype)

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Jak X: Combat Racing (Jun 23, 2005 NTSC prototype)
Build date Jun 23, 2005
Build name Jak X Public Beta v.1
Dump status Released
Dumped by nullpointer
Released by Luminar
File release date August 6, 2019
Origin DVD-ROM
Game Jak X: Combat Racing
System PlayStation 2
Genre Racing
Final build US Sep 4, 2005
EU Sep 15, 2005
Release date US Oct 18, 2005
AU Oct 26, 2005
EU Nov 4, 2005

Download: https://mega.nz/#!H5VXnQZT!KerjWtUFsdzfd-YInyOEiIh6kiLicENNT3kKBiN5reE
A prototype build of Jak X: Combat Racing for the PlayStation 2 from 2005-06-23 (over 2 months before the release build).

One of many PlayStation 2 prototypes given a limited release to test the PlayStation online network function. In this prototype only online play was made available, however because the network has now long-since shut down, it is now restricted to the title screen menus.

PCSX2 Patch

(No longer needed since PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-3209)

If you want to run it in the PCSX2 emulator, then first you need to put a patch into the "cheats" folder. The game won't boot in this emulator without the patch.

Download the patch here: https://mega.nz/#!H4VlXCKI!mNSZLsDlgusLLjFu4ykoXOUkRXnyt8h1z67II2tFvd8