Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Jun 29, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Jun 29, 2001 prototype)
Build date Jun 29, 2001 15:26:12
Dump status Released
Dumped by Laurent
Released by Laurent
File release date August 8, 2019
Origin GD-R
Dump method Dreamcast SD Rip
Game Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
System Dreamcast
Genre Sports
Final build US Aug 13, 2001
Release date US Sep 11, 2001
Download Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Jun 29, 2001 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX for the Sega Dreamcast, dated a month and a half before the final build.


  • When entering the master code on the "Press Start" screen, a line with the game's build date and version number pops up: "MH V0.923B 15:26:12 Jun 29 2001"
  • A lot of levels are in an unfinished state.
    • Burnside has the entire level's rail triggers shifted, which renders it mostly unplayable.
  • The music starts to stutter at some point and abruptly ends playback.

Cheat codes

This build uses different cheat code inputs than the final and has a few additional debug ones enabled. Some of these codes are similar, some identical to codes used in pre-release builds of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

To unlock everything from the start, navigate to the "Press Start" screen, then hold down X + B and press the left directional button.

The following codes however are entered in the pause menu, while holding down the left shoulder button. A shaking pause menu will confirm a successful entry.

Since most of these have been implemented during it's original development on the Sony PlayStation, a few of them will not work in this build.

Add 8 Minutes to timer X, Up, B, A SUCX
Always full special meter Left, Down, Y, B, Up, Left, Y, X LDTCULTS
Debug panel & build date¹ Down, Down, Y, Down, Down, Y DDT DDT
Display rail balance meter Left, B, X, Y, X, B, A LOST SOX
End run B, Up, Y, B, Up, Y CUT CUT
Fat tires / Exorcist¹ Down, B, B, Down DCCD
FPS Counter¹ Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left DULL DULL
Give rider small boost B, A CX
Hide HUD X, Left, Up, Y SLUT
Mark 1 Goal as finished B, X, Y, Right CSTR
Perfect balance Right, Up, Left, X RULS
Reverse riding direction X, B, X, B SCSC
Score times 10 Y, A, Y, Up, Down, Up TXTUDU
Score divided by 10 Up, Down, Up, Y, A, Y UDUTXT
Screenshots² X, B, Right, A SCRX
Stats at 10 Up, Up, Up, Up UUUU
Stats at 0 Down, Down, Down, Down DDDD
Slow motion X, Y, B, A STCX
Toggle blood Right, Up, X, Y RUST
Unlock THPS Warehouse B, X, Y, Left CSTL
Unlock THPS School B, X, Y, Up CSTU
Unlock Granny B, X, Y, Down CSTD
Unlock Tony Hawk B, X, Y, Y CSTT
Unknown¹ Right, B, Right, D,own Right, B, Right, Down RCRDRCRD

¹ Doesn't do anything but is registered upon entering.

² Features don't work correctly. Screenshots (incl. camera configuration) won't work because of the missing SELECT button the PlayStation would have.

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