Soul Of The Samurai (Jan 4, 1999 prototype)

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Soul Of The Samurai (Jan 4, 1999 prototype)
Build date January 4, 1999 02:17:30 AM
Build name Soul Of The Samurai
Dump status Released
Dumped by Ioannis Mantzoros
Released by Ioannis Mantzoros
File release date April 25, 2022
Origin CD-R
Lot Ioannis personal collection.
Labels Review version by KONAMI
Files Rasetsu No Ken (Jan 4, 1999 prototype).bin and cue
Dump method Imgburn
Ownership Ioannis Mantzoros
Game Soul Of The Samurai
System PlayStation
Genre Action, Adventure
Final build JP Jan 19, 1999
US Jun 7, 1999
EU Sep 30, 1999
Download Soul Of The Samurai (Jan 4, 1999 prototype) (info)

A review prototype of Soul Of The Samurai (aka Rasetsu No Ken known in Japan) for Sony Playstation.


Different date and size of data and exe of the game. 15 days before final available build. Japanese review version.