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The Simpsons (prototype)

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Title Screen
The Simpsons (prototype)
Build date Mar 08, 2004
Build name The Simpsons
Dump status Released
Dumped by Tdijital
Released by Tdijital
File release date October 28, 2019
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Dump method ddrescue
Game The Simpsons
System Xbox
Release date Unreleased
Download The Simpsons (prototype) (info)


There's a lot of XBE files but the debug xbe seems to work best Simpsons_Xbox_D.xbe


  • Hold Start to open the debug menu.
  • A Jump
  • X Roll
  • Y Interact
  • Black Button makes Bart look backwards and make a face

Pressing start when running the default.xbe crashes the game.


TheSimpsons-Xbox-Screen2.png TheSimpsons-Xbox-Screen4.png TheSimpsons-Xbox-Screen3.png TheSimpsons-Xbox-DebugMenu.png