Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Jul 10, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Jul 10, 2000 prototype)
Build date Jul 10, 2000 19:14:32
Build name TH20710
Dump status Released
Dumped by ehw
Released by drx
File release date November 26, 2020
Origin CD-R
Lot Hidden Palace Community Group Buy (February 2020)
Labels Tony Hawk 2 Preview PSX
Dump method Plextor PX-W4012TA, Plextor PX-760A (DiscImageCreator 20200921 (DICUI 1.18))
Game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
System PlayStation
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build US Aug 12, 2000
EU Aug 16, 2000
FR Aug 22, 2000
DE Aug 22, 2000
JP Jan 22, 2001
Release date US Sep 20, 2000
EU Sep 20, 2000
JP Mar 8, 2001
Download Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Jul 10, 2000 prototype) (info)
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An NTSC-U preview of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the Sony PlayStation. Built 32 days before the release version.


  • Aside from the Activision and Neversoft intro videos, as well as the level select previews, there are no FMV's in this build.
    • The intro movies match the ones from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999).
  • 2 Player is called Multiplayer in the main menu.
  • Though being built four days after the Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX demo used in the final game, this build does not include it.
  • The hidden characters and levels can only be accessed via cheat code, even if the game is completed by normal means.
  • You can create five instead of four custom skaters in this build.
  • A few objects in the Park Editor would later be changed, renamed or removed from the final.
    • Some pre-built custom parks are simply named "Aaron" and "Blank".
  • The level select menu uses the video previews created for the E3 demo.
  • A few levels are in a slightly buggy state.
    • Even when the helicopter has taken off in Hangar, the player would sometimes bump against some invisible collision data on that spot.
    • School II has a bad case of texture bleeding, and trying to enter the gym from the Gonz rail entrance after leaving from the other door, causes the inside not to load.
    • At the starting point inside the helicopter in Hawaii, most of the time the player either falls just slightly behind the roll into the water or immediately struggles with the impending Big Drop.
  • In similar fashion to the previous Pro Skater installment, obtaining cash pick-ups count as points.
  • A few goal items have different placements.
  • Some sounds in the game haven't undergone leveling yet, so they may appear much louder than others.
    • Also, the internal sound engine only outputs the left channel of the XA track, albeit it being stereo in the actual file on the disc.
  • An unedited version of "Subculture" by Styles of Beyond is used in this build. The final game cuts the organ-only intro. A fact worthy of mention, since this song has never been commercially released on CD.
  • This build has an early version of the game credits intact. Viewing them causes the game to lock you inside the options menu and render any attempt at exiting it impossible.

Cheat codes

In addition to having an extra set of debug cheats enabled, most of the codes used in this build have slightly different inputs than the final game. Other than adding a few new ones, the debug codes either match the ones used in earlier builds or have been slightly altered.

To enter these codes, either navigate to the in-game pause or main menu, hold down L1 and enter the code. A shaking pause screen/rotating wheel will confirm a successful entry.

Always full special meter X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle XTCCULT
Add 2000$ to Cash Total Down, Left, Circle, Down, Left, Circle DLR DLR
Autotest Triangle, Up, Square, Triangle, Up, Right TUSTUR Once activated, the test cycle cannot be interrupted.
Color configuration X, Left, Up, X XLUX Not working in this build.
Clear game w/ current skater Circle, Left, Up, Right, Circle, Left, Up, Right CLUR CLUR
Debug panel and build date Down, Down, Triangle, Down, Down, Triangle DDT DDT
Disco mode Down, Up, Square, Circle, Up DUSCU
End competition heat 1st place Square, Circle, Right, Square, Circle, Right SCR SCR
End run Circle, Up, Triangle, Circle, Up, Triangle CUT CUT
Flip level X, Up, Triangle, X, Up, Triangle XUT XUT
FPS counter and stat info Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left DULL DULL During gameplay, hold down L2 to temporarily remove the stat info from the display.
Kid mode Circle, Up, Up, Left CUUL
Perfect balance Right, Up, Left, Square RULS
Replay save destination Right, Circle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Right, Down RCRDRCRD This code activates a function to change the behavior, where by default, replays are saved to a memory card,

to be saved onto an attached dev kit/computer instead.

Since this code originates from THPS1, this particular build is missing this function.

Score times 10 Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down, Up TXTUDU
Screenshots Circle, Up, Left, Left, Square CULLS The camera configuration seems to work in 2-Player mode only and can be activated in-game by pressing SELECT.

The game will freeze and the camera can be moved with the following inputs using Controller 2:

Horizontal Sphere Left / Right Square / Circle
Vertical Sphere Up / Down D-Pad Up / Down
Zoom In / Out D-Pad Left / Right
Rise / Lower L1 / L2
Lock input R2
Square, Circle, Right, X SCRX
Skater gains weight X(x4), Left XXXX L
Skater loses weight X(x4), Square XXXX S
Skip to restart Square, Circle, Up, Down, X SCUDX
Slow motion Square, Left, Up(x3) SLUUU
Stats at 3 Down, Up, Down, X, Square DUD XS
Stats at 5 Up, Square, Triangle, Up, Down U STUD
Stats at 6 Down, Square, Triangle, Up, Down D STUD
Stats at 7 Left, Square, Triangle, Up, Down L STUD
Stats at 8 Right, Square, Triangle, Up, Down R STUD
Stats at 9 Circle, Square, Triangle, Up, Down C STUD
Stats at 10 X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down X STUD
Stats at 13 X(x3), Square, Triangle, Up, Down XXX STUD
Toggle blood Right, Up, Square, Triangle RUST
Toggle HUD Square, Left, Up, Triangle SLUT Ending a run in ether a timed mode or while a combo is ongoing, can cause the game to softlock.
Unlock all levels Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Left, Square TRUSTRULS
Unlock all skaters Square, Circle, Right, Triangle, Circle, Right, Circle, Triangle, Right SCRTCRCTR Although the code is registered in the pause menu, for some reason it will only work when it's entered in the main menu.

Gameshark codes

Enable McSqeeb 800B6FC0 0000
Enable Officer Dick 800B87A4 0001
Enable Private Carrera 800B88F8 0001
Enable Spider-Man 800B8A4C 0001




A huge thanks to Quazz for donating toward this release!

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