Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Feb 11, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Feb 11, 2000 prototype)
Build date February 11, 2000
Dump status Released, redump needed
Origin GD-R
Labels Tony Hawks Pro Skater v0.800 1999-12-10 JUE GD-R Beta
Ownership BANANABREAK (Present?)
Game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
System Dreamcast
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build US Apr 17, 2000
EU Apr 17, 2000
Release date US Jun 29, 2000
EU Jun 29, 2000
JP Unreleased
Download Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Feb 11, 2000 prototype) (info)

A prototype of the Sega Dreamcast port of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, dated around two months before the final build.


  • This build has no music or FMVs.
  • The SFX in this build plays at random volume, so beware when playing.
  • Disc contains SEGA sample files with a 30fps version of the opening FMV sequence for "Sonic 3D" (1996).

Cheat codes

This build has additional debug cheats enabled, which can be entered when pausing the game, holding the L button and entering the following codes:

A shaking pause screen confirms the successful entry.
Always full special meter A, Y, B, Down, Up, Right XTCDUR
Autotest¹ Y, Up, X, Y, Up, Right TUSTUR
Big head² X, B, Up, Left, Left SCULL
Debug panel and build date Down, Down, Y, Down, Down, Y DDT DDT
End run¹ X, Up, Y, X, Up, Y CUT CUT
FPS counter and stats display Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left DULL DULL
Kid mode¹ B, Up, Left, Left, X CULLS
Level Select Y, Right, Up, X, Y, Left, Up, X, Y TRUST LUST
Perfect balance Right, Up, Left, X RULS
Play as Private Carrera³ Y, Up, Y, Up, B, Up, Left, Y TUTU CULT
Remove HUD X, Left, Up, Y SLUT
Score x10 Y, X, Y, Up, Down, Up TXTUDU
Screenshots¹ X, B, Right, A SCRX
Skip to restart X, B, A, Up, Down SCXUD
Slow motion X, Left, Up, X, Left SLUSL
Stats at 3 Down, Up, Down, A, X DUD XS
Stats at 10 X, Y, Up, Down STUD
Stats at 13 A, X, X, Y, Up, Down XS STUD
Toggle blood Right, Up, X, Y RUST
Unlock everything B, Right, Up, Down, B, Right, Up, X, Y CRUD CRUST

¹ Features don't work correctly. Screenshots (incl. camera configuration) won't work because of the missing SELECT button the PlayStation would have.

² The player select screen displays the big heads correctly but in-game, instead of the players head, the trucks of the board become huge.

³ This code replaces Officer Dick with Private Carrera. It is not registered in the pause menu, but does in fact work.