Trespasser: Jurassic Park (Oct 11, 1998 prototype)

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Trespasser: Jurassic Park (Oct 11, 1998 prototype)
Build date Oct 11, 1998
Build name Build 116c
Dump status Released
Released by BazookaMed
File release date December 22, 2009
Origin CD-R
Labels Trespasser 116c 10/11/98
Game Trespasser: Jurassic Park
System PC
Genre Action-adventure
Final build US Oct 12, 1998
Release date US Oct 28, 1998

A prototype build of Trespasser: Jurassic Park for the PC.


  • Also known as "build 116c".
  • Identical to the retail release (116d) of the game, except for a small text fix inside the EA registry app.
  • Files not available here due to being identical to release except from above.