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by Jeckidy
20 Mar 2019, 18:29
Forum: Prototype discussion
Topic: Your Holy Grail proto
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Re: Your Holy Grail proto

Sonic 1 for unfinished prototypes, but for allegedly complete ones, Dragon Hopper for Virtual Boy. It's my holy grail. At one point, I would've said Twelve Tales: Conker 64, but it, like the Sonic 1 prototype, would not be entirely playable. From what I understand, Dragon Hopper was finished before ...
by Jeckidy
20 Mar 2019, 18:23
Forum: Prototype discussion
Topic: Axis / Final Zone Prototype
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Axis / Final Zone Prototype Japanese prototype of Axis a.k.a. Final Zone. If you look at the screenshots on the US retail box of Final Zone, you will see differences in the inter...