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GoldenEye Rogue Agent Pre-Release Builds

18 Oct 2013, 12:56

There were quite a few notable differences with the early builds of this game. One interesting source I've come across is an article on GoldenEye Forever: ... _page5.php

The writer was one of ten people chosen for the EA Community Day event where they were allowed to play an early build of the game on PS2. Only two maps were shown to them, one from the single player mode (Hong Kong) and one from multiplayer (Uplink). I don't know how many discs were compiled for this particular version, but it would be interesting to know if any survived.

Things ilke weapon design and HUD changed throughout development. The most noteworthy gun redesign is the old HS-90 (the final one looks nearly identical to real-world P90). I'm sure this is pretty common knowledge to anyone who has seen any screenshots of the game, since this gun was plastered throughout a lot of promotional material:


Something else I stumbled across on an artist's blog (who worked on some of the textures found in the game) is a screenshot of a scrapped portion of the Fort Knox stage: ... oxRszd.jpg

The HUD in this particular image is the same as in the final release, which may suggest that this portion of the level was dropped fairly late in development.

Anyway, just thought I would share a couple of things for anyone interested. Also, I am seeking any pre-release builds that anyone has in their possession, and would be willing to part with. Needless to say, I would pay reasonably for them.

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