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F-1 World Grand Prix GBC Prototype

11 Jan 2018, 19:00

Discuss the prototype here!
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Re: F-1 World Grand Prix GBC Prototype

11 Jan 2018, 19:14

So this proto was fun to get, and was my first time actually securing a prototype game cart! I got help from MarioDS64 on using Buyee to bid on Yahoo Auctions in Japan, which is where this proto was sold on. (Final price was around $225, the contributors all chipped in to help fund it.)

Getting the package from the courier was An Event... it was shipped EMS, and signs pointed to it being delivered on Friday or Saturday, which would be good since someone would be around to sign for it. Instead they tried to deliever it TODAY on Thursday, catching me off guard... and instead of ringing the door bell, they assumed nobody was home and sent a delievery failure text to my cell phone. Cue me running down a slush-covered road in socks (because my slippers fell off and I had no time to put on shoes) screaming "WAIT!" and "STOP!" at the mail truck, only for him to actually stop a quarter mile down the road. And then I had to sign for the thing while standing in the slush with soaked socks. My feet felt like wooden boards when I got back inside...

Also of note, these dev carts are actually taller than retail Game Boy carts by a few millimeters. It's just enough to not make them fit in the clamshell protective cases that normally come with Game Boy carts. Quite irksome!
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Re: F-1 World Grand Prix GBC Prototype

26 Jan 2018, 18:56

Yeah, I usually get EMS when I ship stuff from Japan, it works pretty well.

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