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Hey all..

24 Jul 2016, 15:31

drx, I like what you done with the place. Figured I'd drop back into the Sega/Sonic/etc. scene after a very extended absence (i miss those snifit army IRC days).. 

I'm not much for the technical side (disassembly of code/programming) but mostly here to see what protos come up, and contribute financially where needed when group donations come up for interesting stuff. Also keeping my eyes peeled here in Alberta, as I live almost next door to BioWare's offices here in Edmonton and quite a few employees are in the neighbourhood/reside in my building. 

catch y'all on the flipside!
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Re: Hey all..

28 Jul 2016, 23:32

Hey dude, long time no see! I do miss the old IRC days, there's nothing like that any more.
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31 Aug 2019, 08:22

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