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How would I write this article?

04 Sep 2017, 06:44

I'm about to write an article for a game, and it has over 50 prototypes. I am not making this up. Obviously, I can't make an article for each individual proto. That would take forever. I was thinking I could have one massive article containing info on multiple protos along with a zip file containing all of the protos. There is no easy way to do this. Any ideas? (to make sure nobody steals my idea, I will not mention the game by name until the article is created)
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Re: How would I write this article?

04 Sep 2017, 08:57

You can make multiple pages for each proto by creating one article with the form for one of them. Then you can copy the source code for the page and make slight changes for each page. Then just paste the edited source code for each prototype in a new article to create it.

You'd have to do it like this:
1.) Create one article with the "Add a prototype" form
2.) When the article is created, click "Edit source" at the top. 
3.) Copy all of the source code on the page and put it in notepad or some other text editor.
4.) Go back to the article and change the URL in the address bar to the title of the next prototype (you should only have to change the date in the url).
5.) At the top of the page click "Create source", paste the source code from notepad, change the dates in the code to reflect the date for the prototype, and click publish.
6.) You can mass upload all the individual prototype zips by using the multiuploader. When you're creating/editing the source code of a page without the form you should get a dark blue bar above the source code text field that says "Drop files here". Just drag and drop the files on top of it and then click "Upload all files".

It still takes a while but not nearly as long as creating each page with the form. But it's fine if you just want to make one page for all of them just to make it easier. I can always put them in individual pages if you wish.
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Re: How would I write this article?

11 Sep 2017, 19:17

I'm guessing you mean spongebob squarepants. I thought that was already posted.

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