Aeon Flux (Nov 18, 1996 prototype)

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Title Screen
Aeon Flux (Nov 18, 1996 prototype)
Build date Nov 18, 1996
Build name Mission 2
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date February 20, 2019
Origin CD-R
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Aeon Flux
System PlayStation
Genre Action
Release date Unreleased
Download Aeon Flux (Nov 18, 1996 prototype) (info)

A prototype of the unreleased Aeon Flux game for the PlayStation. This build is from 1996-11-18, and includes the entire second mission (7 levels).


  • This unreleased game was later reworked (with significant changes) into Pax Corpus after the publisher lost the rights to Aeon Flux.
  • While in aiming mode, press Square quickly to fire the pistol, or do nothing to leave aiming mode.
  • The inventory screen does not provide good feedback that a secondary weapon has been selected. Use the D-pad to rotate to either the grenade or sticky grenade, then press select to exit the menu. The weapon can then be used by pressing Triangle.
  • Aiming mode is used as in Pax Corpus, to aim at security cameras and other destructable environmental elements.
  • In the cheat menu, use the Select button to toggle or choose menu entries.
  • Many sections of this build (especially in the "cave" level) are inaccessible without using turning collision off in the cheat menu.
  • Only mission 2 is present in this build, even though other areas are listed in the level-select menu.


  • D-Pad: Turn, move forward/back
  • Cross (short press): Pistol-whip, or interact with object
  • Cross (hold): Pistol-whip 2x, then spin-kick
  • Square (short press): Fire pistol
  • Square (hold): Enter aiming mode
  • Triangle: Secondary weapon (after selecting in inventory)
  • Circle: Jump or roll forward
  • Circle + Down: Handspring backward
  • L1 (hold): First-person view
  • L2: Crouch left
  • R1 (hold): Run
  • R2: Crouch right
  • R2 + Down + Cross: Pick up item
  • Select: Inventory
  • Start: Cheat/level-select menu



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