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<center><gallery mode=packed>Raijin proto disk.jpg|Disk front.</gallery></center>
<center><gallery mode=packed>Raijin proto disk.jpg|Disk.</gallery></center>
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{{Navbox prototype|Akuu Senki Raijin}}
{{Navbox prototype|Akuu Senki Raijin}}

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Title Screen
Akuu Senki Raijin (Oct 14, 1987 prototype)
Build date Oct 14, 1987
Dump status Released
Dumped by BMF54123
Released by Skrybe
File release date June 30, 2019
Game Akuu Senki Raijin
System FDS
Genre Shoot 'Em Up
Release date JP Jul 12, 1988
Download Akuu Senki Raijin (Oct 14, 1987 prototype) (info)

An early prototype of Akuu Senki Raijin for the Nintendo Famicom Disk System.


  • Different title screen.