Blaster Master 2 (Late NTSC Beta)

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Blaster Master 2 (Late NTSC Beta)
Build name Preview Build 1
Dump status Released
Dumped by Unknown
Released by PH1996Official
File release date July 30, 2020
Origin EPROM Cartridge
EPROMs Unknown
Labels BM 2 Preview
Files Unknown
Dump method Unknown
Ownership Anonymous SunSoft Employee (1993 - 2013), Anonymous Wow Roms User (2013 - Present)
Game Blaster Master 2
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Run And Gun
Final build Unknown
Release date March 15, 1993
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A late Blaster Master 2 build for the Sega Genesis /Mega Drive


The original dumper purchased the cartridge from a former Sunsoft employee and then uploaded to a website called wowroms.

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