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[[File:Bounced_-_beach.gif]]  [[[[File:Bounced_-_egypt.gif]]  [[[[File:Bounced_-_holland.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_northpole.gif]]
[[File:Bounced_-_beach.gif]]  [[[[File:Bounced_-_egypt.gif]]  [[[[File:Bounced_-_holland.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_northpole.gif]]
[[File:Bounced_-_world-1.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-2.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-3.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-4.gif]]
[[File:Bounced_-_world-1.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-2.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-3.gif]]  [[File:Bounced_-_world-4.gif]]  [[File:Paused.jpg]]  [[File:GAMEOVER.jpg]]  [[File:ENDDEMO2.jpg]]
[[File:Paused.jpg]]  [[File:GAMEOVER.jpg]]  [[File:ENDDEMO2.jpg]]
[[File:ingame1.jpg]]  [[File:ingame2.jpg]]  [[File:ingame3.jpg]] [[File:ingame4.jpg]]  [[File:ingame5.jpg]]  [[File:ingame6.jpg]] 
[[File:ingame1.jpg]]  [[File:ingame2.jpg]]  [[File:ingame3.jpg]]  [[File:ingame4.jpg]]
[[File:ingame7.jpg]]  [[File:ingame8.jpg]]  [[File:ingame9.jpg]]  [[File:ingame10.jpg]]
[[File:ingame5.jpg]]  [[File:ingame6.jpg]]  [[File:ingame7.jpg]]  [[File:ingame8.jpg]]
[[File:ingame11.jpg]]  [[File:ingame12.jpg]] [[File:ingame13.jpg]]  [[File:ingame14.jpg]]
[[File:ingame9.jpg]]  [[File:ingame10.jpg]]  [[File:ingame11.jpg]]  [[File:ingame12.jpg]]
[[File:ingame13.jpg]]  [[File:ingame14.jpg]]

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Title Screen
Dump status Undumped
Ownership Unknown
Game Bounced
System Game Boy Color
Genre Puzzle
Release date JP Unreleased
US Unreleased
EU Unreleased
Release date Unreleased

Unreleased Game Boy Color game from the now defunct developer Karma Studios. Midas Interactive Entertainment was said to be the publisher.


All images shown here were taken from the developer's nowt defunct website. This game was initially scheduled to be released Dec 1st 2000, but suffered multiple delays until being quietly canceled in 2003. This is one of multiple unreleased games made by the developer, despite having about 11 games in development for the game boy color alone, only one, Keep the Balanced, has ever seen any kind of release.


Bounced - beach.gif [[Bounced - egypt.gif [[Bounced - holland.gif Bounced - northpole.gif

Bounced - world-1.gif Bounced - world-2.gif Bounced - world-3.gif Bounced - world-4.gif Paused.jpg GAMEOVER.jpg ENDDEMO2.jpg

Ingame1.jpg Ingame2.jpg Ingame3.jpg Ingame4.jpg Ingame5.jpg Ingame6.jpg

Ingame7.jpg Ingame8.jpg Ingame9.jpg Ingame10.jpg

Ingame11.jpg Ingame12.jpg Ingame13.jpg Ingame14.jpg


IGN, Nesworld, and Archive.org for providing the little bit of information that's available on this game.

See also

http://www.nesworld.com/gbc-midas.php http://www.ign.com/articles/1999/12/16/bounced http://www.ign.com/articles/1999/12/15/karma-studios-in-2000