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Title Screen
Dump status Undumped
Ownership Unknown
Game Bounced
System Game Boy Color
Genre Puzzle
Release date JP Unreleased
US Unreleased
EU Unreleased
Release date Unreleased

Unreleased Game Boy Color game from the now defunct developer Karma Studios.


  • The game was originally scheduled to be published by Project 2 Interactive, but was picked up Midas Interactive after Project 2 Interactive went bankrupt.
  • All images shown here were taken from the developer's now defunct website.
  • This game was initially scheduled to be released Dec 1st 2000, but suffered multiple delays until being quietly canceled in 2003.
  • A fully completed version of the game was found in 2020 among a collection of leaked Nintendo approved roms. Oddly, none of the other games Midas Entertainment intended to publish were found, suggesting they were either denied, or never submitted for approval in the first place.




IGN, Nesworld, and for providing the little bit of information that's available on this game.

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