Chicken Run (Apr 18, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Chicken Run (Apr 18, 2000 prototype)
Build date Apr 18, 2000
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Kneesnap
Released by Kneesnap
File release date 2022
Origin CD-R
Lot Frogger 2 Motherload Lot
Labels Chicken Run
Oops, 18 April
Dump method PowerISO
Game Chicken Run
System PlayStation
Genre Action Adventure
Final build JP Unreleased
EU Oct 3, 2000
US Oct 11, 2000
Release date JP Unreleased
EU Oct 3, 2000
US Nov 13, 2000

A prototype of Chicken Run for PlayStation.


  • Contains debug symbols in CRTEST.MAP.
  • Title screen uses 3D models.
  • Many untextured levels and objects.
  • Uses Glover sound effects.