Dengeki Playstation D5 ()

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Dengeki Playstation D5 ()
Released by
Game Dengeki Playstation D5
System PlayStation
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Dengeki Playstation D5 is the fifth in the line of Dengeki Playstation D demo magazines, which were distributed periodically with Dengeki Playstation magazines.


Contents and notes:

Game 1: NOeL: La Neige Special Edition Demo 1: Kaze no Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Seemingly common demo) Demo 2: Gense Kyokou Seirei Kidoudan: Elemental Gearbolt Demo 3: Spectral Tower II Demo 4: Critical Blow Demo 5: Ore! Tomba (Different demo from PrePre 8, shows some progression) Demo 6: Happy Hotel Movie 1: Xenogears (Video shows some prototype material I.E. placeholder artwork in cutscenes) Movie 2: Bust A Move: Dance & Rhythm Action Movie 3: Astro Noka Movie 4: Riven: The Sequel to Myst Movie 5: Prism Court Data Base: total 128 titles, 194 savedata of NTSC-J PSX Others: artwork and Novel from customers, Knotty Quiz and Puzzle game


The demo movies:

Critical Blow demo:

Elemental Gearbolt demo:

Tomba demo: