Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Oct 22, 1998 build)

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Title Screen
Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Oct 22, 1998 build)
Build date Oct 22, 1998
Dump status Released
Dumped by Orengefox
Released by Orengefox
Origin GD
Ownership Orengefox (2016-present)
Game Dreamcast Promotion Disk
System Dreamcast
Genre Promotional
Download Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Oct 22, 1998 build) (info)

A compilation of videos made shortly before the Sega Dreamcast launch in Japan.


  • Contains the following trailers:
    • Glimpses of various games including Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, SEGA Bass Fishing, Puyo Puyo~n, Sengoku Turb and King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999.
    • Console Showcase
    • Internet Showcase
    • "Godzilla Generations" Trailer
    • "July" Trailer
    • "Virtua Fighter 3tb" Trailer
    • "Pen Pen TriIcelon" Trailer
    • "SEGA Rally Championship" Trailer
    • "Blue Stinger" Trailer
    • "Geistforce" Trailer
    • "Sonic Adventure" Trailer