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Ecco the Dolphin (Jun 29, 1993 build)

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Title Screen
Ecco the Dolphin (Jun 29, 1993 build)
Build date Jun 29, 1993 10:22:04
Dump status Released
Origin CD-R disc
Lot Sega ROM Archive
Label Disk #4 Genesis Roms
Game Ecco the Dolphin
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Adventure
Release date JP Jul 30, 1993
US Dec 29, 1992
EU Jul 31, 1992
Download Ecco the Dolphin (Jun 29, 1993 build) (info)

Am unreleased second revision to Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Mega Drive.


  • Most likely an unreleased revision based on the Japanese release.