Far Cry 4 (Dec 4, 2014 prototype)

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Title Screen
Far Cry 4 (Dec 4, 2014 prototype)
Build date Dec 4, 2014
Build name SHA-FCC-MAIN-63.2
Dump status Released
Dumped by moon
Released by Rain0x06
File release date May 21, 2024
Origin Xbox 360 DevKit HDD
Game Far Cry 4
System Xbox 360
Genre First-Person Shooter
Final build US Oct 17, 2014
Release date US Nov 18, 2014
Download Far Cry 4 (Dec 4, 2014 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Far Cry 4 for the Xbox 360.


  • This build has an interesting history as it already existed on a HDD (called "devkit3005.7z") released by Justz00t on July 3, 2020 in a Post on the Obscure Gamers Wiki. However this build was in an incomplete state. In May 2024, Rain0x06 managed to obtain an HDD that contains a more complete version of the build because it seems that executables such as profiler seem to be missing although it is unknown whether the build has already is it complete or not.
  • This build appears to have been to test the "Valley of the Yetis" DLC as no files were found for the main world and it appears according with "worlds_list.xml" meant that the build was not made to contain these files.
  • Contains at least three test maps, namely "gym_wildlife02" (being associated with the world "proto_encounters") and two maps named "Yeti" and "audio" (being associated with the world "proto_fcc_dlc_features"), probably being related to "\worlds \prototypes". These maps are probably used to test the previously mentioned DLC.
  • Although the DLC is in "\worlds\downloadcontent", the same DLC with some size differences is in the "worlds" folder which is probably of no use and it seems that according to "FATX-Recover", this DLC was created a few seconds later after the used DLC. For some reason the newer version of the dlc doesn't have the toc.rml file while the older dlc does, however the newer dlc has the fcc_d90_dlc.dpv file while the older dlc doesn't.
  • Contains 3 .xex that allow you to run the game and based on tests carried out on Xenia Canary on May 25, 2024 it can be said that:
    • fcx.xex: At least the menu works (the article photo corresponds to this .xex);
    • fcx_r.xex: Shows a black screen.

To Do: Document each map present.


A big thanks to moon for preserving this prototype and to Rain0x06 for making it available to me.