Kung Fu Rider (2010 prototype)

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Kung Fu Rider (2010 prototype)
Build date 2010
Dump status Released
Game Kung Fu Rider
System PlayStation 3
Genre Action
Release date EU Sep 15, 2010
AU Sep 16, 2010
NA/UK Sep 17, 2010
JP Oct 21, 2010
[[Media:Slider (2010 also known as Kung Fu Rider) [EP0000-TEST12010_00-0000000000000000].7z| Download Kung Fu Rider (2010 prototype) ]] ([[:File:Slider (2010 also known as Kung Fu Rider) [EP0000-TEST12010_00-0000000000000000].7z|info]])
Error: The [[Media:Slider (2010 also known as Kung Fu Rider) [EP0000-TEST12010_00-0000000000000000].7z|download file]] provided does not exist, please upload it or fix the file name if it's incorrect.

A prototype of Kung Fu Rider for Sony Playstation 3.


  • The game appears to be called Slider at this point.