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|titlescreen=McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (Japan) (Beta) 000.png
|filereleasedate=September 28, 1993
|filereleasedate=September 28, 1993
|origin_type=EPROM cartridge
|origin_type=EPROM cartridge

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Title Screen
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (Prototype)
Dump status Released
File release date September 28, 1993
Origin EPROM cartridge
Lot Old Scene (BBS)
Game McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Action
Final build US Sep 9, 1993
Release date JP Sep 23, 1993
US Dec 1993
EU Mar 1994
Download McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (Prototype) (info)

A prototype of McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure for the Sega Mega Drive.


  • This is most likely not the original release, as there exists another release (MCTLAND.SMD) that predates this by several months. The ROMs are both identical, but MCTLAND.SMD has a file timestamp of Feb 16, 1993.
  • A level select can be activated.
  • The last Space level can't be accessed normally from any menu or in the actual game, but it does exist and can be loaded with hacking.
  • The game resets back to the SEGA screen after completing the second to last level.