Mega Man X4 (Apr 29, 1997 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mega Man X4 (Apr 29, 1997 prototype)
Build date Apr 29, 1997 15:59:38
Build name 4-29
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date April 17, 2021
Origin CD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels Megaman X4 4-29
Dump method PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716UF 1.11 03/23/07 15:10 (CloneCD)
Game Mega Man X4
System Sega Saturn
Genre Platformer
Final build JP Jun 17, 1997
EU Unreleased
US Sep 1, 1997
Release date JP Aug 1, 1997
EU Unreleased
US Oct 1, 1997
Download Mega Man X4 (Apr 29, 1997 prototype) (info)
Download Mega Man X4 (Apr 29, 1997 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Mega Man X4 for the Sega Saturn.


  • The text ROCKMAN X4 SHOW VERSION appears upon start up.
  • Opening FMV hasn't been implemented yet.
  • Title screen has the word "SAMPLE" underneath the logo.
  • No music on the title screen.
  • Compiled almost three months before the final JP build.
  • There's no options menu when pressing start, it goes right to the character select instead.
  • Pressing START in game doesn't do anything.
  • There are no dialog sequences.
  • None of the FMVs have been implemented.
  • Some of the upgrades have been unlocked already. Pressing the R trigger lets you cycle through them.
  • Three of the stages on the level select screen say "NOW MAKING" and cannot be selected.
  • The level select screen music is different.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of April 17, 2021).




File Type Date Size SHA-1
Sat - Megaman X4 4-29.img File 2020-12-16 19:58:57 170.45 MB 73dc7695c40cefd9faed7fd84020419e59cf8c1d
Sat - Megaman X4 4-29.cue File 2020-12-16 19:52:57 85 bytes 403b8c1d0d2aaaf186a05659a7d24298ff51317c
Sat - Megaman X4 4-29.ccd File 2020-12-16 19:52:57 771 bytes 90de347098cecfd62f082f3a1f18a0c2b1f6be7d
Sat - Megaman X4 4-29.sub File 2020-12-16 19:59:20 6.96 MB 916d48e867e70574ee28236670845c756d355f10
Sat - Megaman X4 4-29.jpeg File 2021-03-14 12:19:36 1005 KB a9feeeda885428ce5509fab3bed06477d8e4e2dd


A huge thanks to Zoda-Y13, Iniche, and ehw for researching this prototype!

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