Metal Slug XX (Sep 26, 2009 prototype)

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Title Screen
Metal Slug XX (Sep 26, 2009 prototype)
Build date 9/26/2009
Build name Metal Slug XX TESS 02710 Test Sample ULUS-10495 SNK 1.00
Dump status Released
Dumped by Sazpaimon
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date February 15, 2023
Origin UMD
Lot PlayStation Portable Release Candidate Lot
Labels ULUS-10495
Dump method PlayStation Portable (PSP Filer v6.6)
Game Metal Slug XX
System PlayStation Portable
Genre Action
Final build JP N/A
EU Mar 9, 2010
US Oct 14, 2009
Release date JP Dec 23, 2009
EU Jun 25, 2010
US Feb 23, 2010
Download Metal Slug XX (Sep 26, 2009 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Metal Slug XX for the PlayStation Portable.


  • Release candidate.
  • Compiled several months before the final build.




Archive Contents:

File Type Date Size SHA-1
ULUS-10495.iso File 2022-12-17 00:14:04 420.28 MB 15767f0d1ee66f42cefd1395250fcafe3682d907
Metal Slug XX TESS 02710 Test Sample ULUS-10495 SNK 1.00.jpg File 2022-12-17 02:47:07 4 MB 30f141d0025996357fe21cf382984c2b308fd62b

Download File:

File Type Date Size Comment SHA-1
Metal Slug XX (Sep 26, 2009 prototype).7z 7zip Archive 2023-01-09 10:33:08 113.72 MB Download file 6809535d65e9a485e50fda0754df2e68f719597c


A huge thanks to ehw for researching this prototype! And a huge thanks Jehuty for sharing this with us!

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