Mortal Kombat (Game Boy prototype)

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Title Screen
Mortal Kombat (Game Boy prototype)
Dump status Released
Released by ashthedragon
File release date September 20, 2021
Origin EPROM cartridge
Game Mortal Kombat
System Game Boy
Genre Fighting
Release date JP Dec 24, 1993
US Sep 13, 1993
EU Feb 1, 1994
Download Mortal Kombat (Game Boy prototype) (info)

A prototype of Mortal Kombat for the Nintendo Game Boy.


  • The dump size was originally 8192KB, but it has been corrected to its intended size of 256KB.
  • The legal screen is a placeholder.
  • The Probe Software logo is different.
  • Sound effects are absent from this build.
  • The score counter is also absent.
  • The Finish Him! animation is played after every round for some reason.