Nancy Drew: Mysteries Adventure (prototype)

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Title Screen
Nancy Drew: Mysteries Adventure (prototype)
Build date Sep 14, 2007 13:52:10
Dump status Released
Dumped by Voodooween
Released by Voodooween
Origin Developer Cartridge
Files NTRJ01_00.nds
Dump method x_Decrypt9WIP
Ownership Voodooween
Game Nancy Drew: Mysteries Adventure
System Nintendo DS
Release date Unreleased

An unreleased texture demo prototype of a Nancy Drew game for the Nintendo DS.


This is a texture prototype cartridge with a typo in the game banner :

"Nancy Drew DS Mystery Andventure"

You can modify the rotation speed with "L" and "R", her eyes brow with "A" and "B", the background landscape with "X" and with "Y" you have access to the menu, but you'll have to stop the rotation if you want to read stuff on it.


(The back label is home made).