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NFSAug14_1.jpg|Cartridge Back
NFSAug14_1.jpg|Cartridge Back
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Title Screen
Need for Speed: Nitro (Aug 14, 2009 prototype)
Build date Aug 14, 2009
Dump status Released
Dumped by MrPinball64
Released by MrPinball64
File release date December 28, 2019
Origin Developer Cartridge
Labels EAH4-5MB-019
Files NFSNITRO_BNNE69_00.nds
Dump method GodMode9
Ownership MrPinball64 (2019-present)
Game Need for Speed: Nitro
System Nintendo DS
Genre Racing
Final build US Aug 29, 2009
Release date US Nov 3, 2009
EU Nov 6, 2009
Download Need for Speed: Nitro (Aug 14, 2009 prototype) (info)

Late prototype of Need for Speed: Nitro by Electronic Arts.


  • Differs from retail build.
  • Menu theme differs from final.
  • Brightness in some levels is slightly different from the final build.
  • Leftover string in buildname.bin refers to the build as NFSA_us_DS_2008_12_02_16_07.