News/Holiday 2019 (Day 8) - Super Star Wars (Canceled Mega Drive Port)

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Hidden Palace and The Cutting Room Floor PROUDLY present...

Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.39.04.png

Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype)
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Here it is, the grand finale of Holiday 2019. With the help of our pals at The Cutting Room Floor (TCRF), today we have yet another unreleased game for the Sega Mega Drive - the long lost Super Star Wars port for the Sega Mega Drive (just in time for the release of the new movie)!

Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.40.51.png
Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.42.41.png
Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.43.59.png
Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.44.50.png
Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.45.56.png
Star Wars (Jan 25, 1993 prototype).2019-12-22 12.47.08.png

Originally developed for the SNES by LucasArts in 1992, Super Star Wars was the very first Star Wars title to grace the SNES platform. It was a faithful retelling of "A New Hope". The game was released in late 1992, but plans for ports of the game had begun. Both a Sega CD and a PC port were teased sometime in 1993-1994, but both would eventually be canceled by LucasArts themselves. However, these wouldn't be the only platforms that the game would see.

Super Star Wars Sega Genesis.jpg

In Europe, a Sega Mega Drive port of Super Star Wars was teased and even shown in various magazines throughout 1993. The port was being done by Sega Interactive, formally known as Interactive Designs, who were responsible for Eternal Champions, Garfield: Caugh in the Act, and Star Wars Arcade (32x). A more ambitious version the Sega CD was also planned which would've included CD quality audio and FMV sequences. Aside from a few scarce screenshots of the first level and oddly some shots from a developer's workstation, this is all the information that would be gathered on the project. The game was soon canceled for unknown reasons along with the rest of the planned ports of the game.

The game doesn't appear to have been present at any known trade show event, so the public never got to see or play the game in person before, until now. For the first time in over 25 years, you can now play Sega Interactive's attempt at bringing the game over to the Sega Mega Drive complete with a blaring rendition of John Williams' Cantina theme with the glorious GEMs sound driver. The holiday is complete.

Until next time everyone, have a happy New Year!