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Spyro 1998-06-15 proto disc front.jpg
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 02.png
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 08.png
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 15.png
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 09.png
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 17.png
Spyro 1998-06-15 proto - 25.png

Spyro the Dragon (Jun 15, 1998 prototype)
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Hello everyone! Today we have a nice surprise for you courtesy of hwd45, a nice prototype of the original Spyro the Dragon for the Sony PlayStation!

This prototype contains a lot of differences in comparison to the final build. Unfinished levels, early level design, different unfinished voice recordings, and much more. hwd45 recorded a lot of footage for this prototype and wrote a write up that will soon go on TCRF very soon.

Until next time!