Pinocchio (Early prototype)

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Title Screen
Pinocchio (Early prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Radar
Released by drx
File release date Mar 6, 2019
Origin EPROM cart
Lot Virgin (Radar)
Dump method EPROM Programmer
Ownership Anonymous (2000-2018), Radar (2018-present)
Game Pinocchio
System SNES
Genre Action
Final build JP May 10, 1996
EU Jan 9, 1996
US Aug 8, 1996
Release date JP Dec 20, 1996
US Nov 1996
EU Nov 28, 1996
Download Pinocchio (Early prototype) (info)
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An early prototype of Pinocchio for the SNES.


  • This prototype was possibly meant for demonstration purposes (likely E3 or CES) as only a handful of levels can be played. The levels that can be loaded through hacking are all unfinished.
  • No build date was included on the ROM. This is possibly because the level select, which would normally be used for debugging, was purged to serve as the level select for the demo.
  • The download includes an additional modified ROM that allows all levels to be selected in the level select.
  • The music is slightly different. For instance the title music is slower and uses slightly different instruments. Most of the songs present in this version of the game use different instruments.
  • There are no sound effects in this prototype, only music.
  • The first screen that shows the copyright year is missing in the prototype.
  • In the prototype, you can skip each company logo with start.
  • The title music plays immediately when the game starts. This music is saved for when the title screen displays in the final version.
  • The title screen that features the Pinocchio logo is missing in the prototype.
  • The main menu on the title screen is missing in the prototype.
  • There are no game play demos, the game just sits at the title screen indefinitely in the prototype.
  • When you press start at the title screen, you are directed to a level select. Only three levels are playable, and no sublevels are playable either. If you sit long enough at the screen, the game will reset back to the opening title sequence. Only "Going to School" has a storybook prologue, which is written differently in comparison to the final.
  • The font in the prologue is lighter in comparison to the final. The part of the prolouge that mentions the badges are missing the icons for each badge. In the final, you can skip the entire storybook segments by pressing START where in the prototype it will only skip the current page.
    • Gameplay Differences
      • The HUD is different. In the prototype, the life bar is just a solid red line and the life counter doesn't include an icon of Pinocchio like it does in the final.
      • In the final, pressing START during gameplay will dim the screen and stop the music. In the prototype, pressing START doesn't stop the music or dim the screen and instead shows the word "PAUSED".
      • Pinocchio's idle animation is completely different. In the final he looks around while in the prototype he taps the ground with his foot.
      • In the prototype, Pinocchio has no animation for pushing against a wall.
      • Pinocchio's head twists into place after a spinning kick.
      • Pinocchio doesn't have a unique sprite for levels where he slowly turns into a jackass in the prototype yet.
      • The Rollercoaster level doesn't exist yet.
      • There is no Continue screen in the prototype.




Special thanks to Radar for this release.