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|releasedby=Clockwork Knight.com
|filereleasedate=July 5, 2019
|filereleasedate=July 5, 2019

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Title Screen
Prime Selection Vol. 1 (Demo Disc)
Build date Jun 15, 1995 07:48
Dump status Released
Dumped by Tongara
Released by Clockwork Knight.com
File release date July 5, 2019
Origin CD-R
Labels プライムセレクションVol.1
Dump method CloneCD
Ownership zyrobs (????-2018), Tongara (2018-present)
Game Clockwork Knight 2
System Sega Saturn
Genre Action
Final build Jun 15, 1995 07:48
Release date JP 1995
Download Prime Selection Vol. 1 (Demo Disc) (info)

Prime Selection Vol. 1 (プライムセレクションVol.1) is an obscure demo disc for the Sega Saturn, released exclusively in Japan. It is seemingly a somewhat little known release, and as such is difficult to come by.

The disc contains 5 video previews for Saturn games and a single level playable demo of the first level of Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan (Clockwork Knight 2).

The demo of Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Daibouken Gekan has a burn/compile date of 20 days prior to that of the Japanese retail release of the game, and as such there are a few object/enemy differences seen within the demo, among other small differences.

The exact release date of this CD is not known apart from it's year, but file dates on the CD give us a clue. The file burn dates are all "1995.06.15 at 07:48 AM", so it was probably very soon after that date.

This would make sense, as the front cover/manual advertises Clockwork Knight 2's Japanese release date (1995.07.28), so assuming it was released around a month prior to this would put it about there. Sadly, as I have no information on how this disc was released or distributed, I can't give an exact date, but late June or VERY early July 1995 seems about right.


Clockwork Knight 2 Demo Differences

Title Screen

  • Copyright date text different, and has a black outline, matching other previously discovered pre-release footage of the game.
  • "Options" menu is unselectable.

Kid's Room 1 - Main Path

  • No character support message shown.
  • Loading screen has the text "LOADING" missing.
  • "Katchin' " enemies have Green pencils and not Red.
  • Egg gives a single coin instead of a bronze key.
  • "Pierron" enemies are in a formation of only 3 rather than 5, and are spaced out much further, making the 1-UP bonus via the egg impossible to do.
  • Another "Perrion" is hiding in the background and jumps out at you.
  • Just before the pit of death after the first turn of the level, there is a "Katchin' " enemy. Very easy to fall onto from above.
  • After using the wind-up stairs to walk on the climbing frame, an extra "Katchin' " enemy is placed above the first "Tick" enemy, right before the floating platforms you can jump over to.
  • Some of the "Katchin' " enemies are closer to the edge than in the final,making getting hit easier.
  • There is an additional "Tick" enemy on the final yellow bar of the climbing frame.
  • Jumping off of the climbing frame there are only 4 pocket watches at first, but then rest on the way down are the same.
  • After the wind-up stairs, there is usually an egg with a bronze key, but this has been replaced with a "Katchin' " enemy.
  • After the first wind up platforms with the Invincibility hidden in the egg, there are usually a row of 5 "Pierron", but in this version there are only 3, making the 1-UP bonus via the tree impossible to do.
  • The "Katchin' " enemy underneath the second set of wind up platforms does not instantly die when the platforms are wound, but does die when the platforms fall back inwards.
  • The egg underneath the second set of wind up platforms gives you a bronze key instead of a silver key.
  • After using the second set of wind-up stairs to walk on the second climbing frame, "Katchin' " enemies are noticed to be closer to the edge again, making getting hit easier.
  • "Tick" enemy on second yellow bar of climbing frame.
  • "Tick" enemy on third yellow bar of climbing frame.
  • On the first jump to the left, there are usually 5 pocket watches and 1 coin. There is an additional pocket watch in this version.
  • After the wind-up stairs, there is a "Pierron"

Kid's Room 1 - Lower Path

  • Secret route to room with pencils on the left hand side not accessible.
  • Extra "Katchin' " after the one by the bottomless pit when travelling rightward.
  • Egg towards the right hand end of lower path usually has Gold Key inside, but it is Silver in this version.

Kid's Room 1 - Alernate Path (Via box on floating platforms)

  • "Katchin' " enemies have Green pencils and not Red.
  • "Pierron" closer to doorway making it easier to accidentally get hit.
  • Extra "Katchin' " enemy on top of box to leave the area.
  • Hidden path leading to Le Bon race usually has 5 coins to collect.This remains the same, but a 1-UP is placed at the end of the path.
  • Le Bon race not accessible.

Kid's Room 2 - Demo Screen

  • Loading screen has the text "LOADING" missing.
  • Complete lack of "Heatman" enemies.
  • 2 "Katchin' " in place of first "Heatman" enemy.
  • No playing card.
  • First and second "Katchin' "' at the falling toy section closer to the left than usual.
  • Graphical glitching as the player turns towards the camera after falling toy section.


Above mentioned title screen with a different copyright date to the final version of Clockwork Knight 2.


Sega Saturn Prime Selection Vol.1 - Clockwork Knight 2 - Kids Room Stage 1

Sega Saturn Prime Selection Vol.1 - Clockwork Knight 2 - Demo Screen Mode



Thanks to zyrobs for being kind enough to sell his copy of the disc to me.

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