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== Fifth generation ==
== Fifth generation ==
=== Sega Saturn ===
=== Sega Saturn ===
{{#ask: [[Has system::Sega Saturn]] |?#- |?Has title screenshot#- |format=template |template=SMW image link |limit=2000 |mainlabel=-}}
<blockquote>''Subpage: [[Prototypes by system/Sega Saturn|Prototypes by system/Sega Saturn]] ({{#ask: [[Has system::Sega Saturn]]|format=count}} prototypes)''</blockquote>
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=== PlayStation ===
=== PlayStation ===

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A lot of the wiki is a work in progress. Many games are currently lacking title screenshots.

Fourth generation

Sega Mega Drive

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Sega Mega Drive (711 prototypes)

Sega CD

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Sega CD (50 prototypes)

Sega 32X

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Sega 32X (158 prototypes)

Sega Pico

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Sega Pico (117 prototypes)


Subpage: Prototypes by system/SNES (222 prototypes)

Fifth generation

Sega Saturn

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Sega Saturn (74 prototypes)


Subpage: Prototypes by system/PlayStation (465 prototypes)

Nintendo 64

Sixth generation


PlayStation 2

Nintendo GameCube


Game Gear

Subpage: Prototypes by system/Game Gear (334 prototypes)

Game Boy

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS