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{{delete|(This matches early retail copies of Ristar)}}
|Page name=Ristar (Aug 1994 prototype)
|titlescreen=Ristar Aug94 Title.png
|builddate=Aug 1994
|origin_type=GameCube NR Disc
|system=Sega Mega Drive
|file=Ristar (Prototype - August 1994) - from ristaru.dat.zip
This late build of Ristar was discovered in [[Sonic_Mega_Collection_(Aug_15,_2002_prototype)]] under the filename '''ristaru.dat'''. This same build may exist in [[Sonic_Mega_Collection_Plus_(Aug_18,_2004_prototype)]] under the filename '''RISTER.CPT''', but this cannot be currently confirmed as the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ccrypt ccrypt] decryption key has not yet been found.

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