Space Invaders Extreme (May 16, 2008 prototype)

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Title Screen
Space Invaders Extreme (May 16, 2008 prototype)
Build date May 16, 2008
Build name v0.01
Dump status Released
Released by ObscureGamers
File release date December 25, 2020
Origin UMD
Lot Terarelease 1.0 (2020)
Labels Space Invaders Extreme May 16, 2008 v0.01
Game Space Invaders Extreme
System PlayStation Portable
Genre Arcade
Release date JP Feb 21, 2008
US Jun 17, 2008
EU Jul 4, 2008
Download Space Invaders Extreme (May 16, 2008 prototype) (info)
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A localization prototype of Space Invaders Extreme for the Sony PlayStation Portable.


Special thanks to DRW, Kabojnk, Mementomori, TheNameless0ne, Jason, burninrubber0, Xe, Andrew7, March47, EdTheNerd, Foas, Riley541, j4m13c0, Fusion, Dink, and Aqua for these releases.

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This release is part of the 'Terarelease 1.0' event that occurred on December 25th, 2020.