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June 5, 2024

  • curprev 22:5222:52, June 5, 2024Tikal. talk contribs 1,709 bytes +1,709 Created page with "{{Prototype |titlescreen=Tarzan 2600proto title.png |Page name=Tarzan (Atari 2600 prototype) |status=Released |dumper=AtariSpot |releasedby=Video Game History Foundation |filereleasedate=June 3, 2024 |origin_type=EPROM cartridge |origin_labels=ATARI TARZAN 42A3 <small>(board A)</small> |origin_eproms=1x Hitachi HN4827128G-30 |game=Tarzan |system=Atari 2600 |genre=Action |unreleased=Yes }} {{Download |file=Tarzan (Atari 2600 prototype).zip |external=https://archive.org/de..."