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|filereleasedate=May 14, 2021
|filereleasedate=May 14, 2021
|titlescreen=The Red Star-2004-06-04-Title.PNG
|origin_labels=RED STAR XBRSTXBO11 8/18/04 (6)
|origin_labels=RED STAR XBRSTXBO11 8/18/04 (6)

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Title Screen
The Red Star (Aug 18, 2004 prototype)
Build date Aug 18, 2004 15:15:50
Dump status Released
Released by ObscureGamers
File release date May 14, 2021
Origin DVD-R
Labels RED STAR XBRSTXBO11 8/18/04 (6)
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game The Red Star
System Xbox
Genre Action
Release date Unreleased
Download The Red Star (Aug 18, 2004 prototype) (info)
Download The Red Star (Aug 18, 2004 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of the unreleased The Red Star for the Microsoft Xbox.



  • Special thanks to hogsy, hwd405, Spaceman, TheNameless0ne, AquaSeaWing, GHzGangster, FrostWolf, PikminGuts92, SpecFroce, AshBob5000, Dezent, and bonus thanks to RacingFreak for editing scans to be clearer.

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