Treasurebear (Kickstarter Demo)

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Treasurebear (Kickstarter Demo)
Dump status Undumped
Game Treasurebear
System PC
Genre Platform Game
Release date Unreleased

A small demo made to an unreleased kickstarter game. Unfortunately, the demo's been lost to time, as the website has been down for years, and the file was not archived on the Internet Archive.


Two prototypes of the game are known to exist, both are currently lost.
The other of which is an earlier Alpha made in flash and posted to one of a developer's Fur Affinity accounts, of places.
The last known signs of development was on July 21st 2014, roughly six months after the failed kickstarter, a walk cycle of the main character was also posted on Sept 10th, but it is not known if this was actually related to the game.


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