Turf Wars (Nov 3, 2004 prototype)

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Title Screen
Turf Wars (Nov 3, 2004 prototype)
Build date Nov 3, 2004 13:01:51
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cheese007
Released by Dink
File release date July 24, 2020
Origin Xbox Dev Kit
Game Turf Wars
System Xbox
Genre Beat 'em up
Release date Unreleased
Download Turf Wars (Nov 3, 2004 prototype) (info)

An early prototype of the unreleased Turf Wars (also known as Street Wars or Turf) for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • This build will only work properly on debug hardware.
  • The build is also emulatable on Xemu once it is configured like a debug kit.
  • Pressing Black+White+Start+Select activates a debug menu.


TurfWarsNov 1.png TurfWarsNov 2.png TurfWarsNov 3.png TurfWarsNov 4.png TurfWarsNov 5.png

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