WATCH DOGS (Mar 26, 2014 prototype)

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Title Screen
WATCH DOGS (Mar 26, 2014 prototype)
Build date Mar 26, 2014 05:01:27
Build name mrc-cp-main-cg-14507
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Demon
Released by MrPinball64
Origin XBOX 360 Development Kit
System Xbox 360
Genre Action-adventure
Final build Apr 15, 2014
Release date May 27, 2014

A prototype of WATCH_DOGS by Ubisoft for the Microsoft XBOX 360.


  • The debug menu can be launched by opening the console and entering "debug_menu 1".


  • duniademo_r.xex - "Release" target. Has SCRY debugger as well as a console.
  • duniademo_rt.xex - "Retail" target. Has SCRY debugger as well as a console.
  • duniademo_p.xex - "Profile" target. Doesn't have SCRY debugger, but does have console.
  • xdk-gb variants are for 1GB XBOX 360 development kits.
  • default.xex is non-debug executable.