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What if? (Jun 27, 2014 Prototype)

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Title Screen
What if? (Jun 27, 2014 Prototype)
Build date Jun 27, 2014 15:44:07
Dump status Released
Released by Demon
File release date June 16, 2019
Origin BD-RE
Game What if?
System PlayStation 3
Genre Graphic adventure
Final build Jan 30, 2015

This is an early version of Life Is Strange for the PlayStation 3.

It is still under the "What If?" codename and has many early assets and all 5 episodes included.



Sepcial thank you too the following people for helping release this!

the7thchild kabojnk TheShadyRelapse Dans34 VonKarma12 rewak Foas Rixel TrashRBPlayer Riley541 HalfMileRide