Zelda Preview Trailer (E3 prototype)

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Title Screen
Zelda Preview Trailer (E3 prototype)
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by DAVR
Origin Nintendo DS Download Station
Dump method Wireless 802.11 TCP Packet Capture
Game Zelda Preview Trailer
System Nintendo DS
Download Zelda Preview Trailer (E3 prototype) (info)

This demo was obtained from the Nintendo DS Download Station at E3 2005. DAVR brought a laptop to the E3 showfloor and captured the wireless 802.11 TCP packets to obtain this demo.

The dump with CRC32 0fa80080 is basically a fake, and the dump with CRC32 9662b50f is missing six download packets, which causes the video to freeze part way through. There is no proper dump currently.

Image from the booth:

E32005 DS Download Station.jpeg

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