Street Fighter II': Turbo (Genesis prototype)

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Title Screen
Street Fighter II': Turbo (Genesis prototype)
Build date 1994-06-02
Dump status Released
Dumped by The Boss
Released by The Boss
Game Street Fighter II': Special Championship Edition
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Fighting
Release date JP Sep 28, 1993
US Sep 27, 1993
EU Oct 29, 1993
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Please do not upload this prototype.

A prototype of Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition. It seems to have been dumped and modified by pirates. It likely was developed and scrapped then re-developed, possibly due to negative feedback from the press and/or because Street Fighter II: Turbo was announced for SNES, which had much more changes. This prototype seems to be a port of Champion Edition and did not have the changes made in Hyper Fighting (arcade) or Turbo (SNES). The cancellation of this prototype lead to a release date change from June 1993 to September 1993.


  • Colors seem more bright and vivid. The color color grading is more subtle.
  • No CAPCOM logo, but a SEGA logo is present.
  • Turbo is only a name. No accelerated speed and the majority of new moves from Hyper Fighting are not in this version.
  • There are two bonus stages. The car and barrel bonus stages occur every 4 fights (instead of 3 in the commercial version).
  • Sounds and musics seems different (Some voice samples are better quality in the "turbo" version).

Legitimacy vs Homebrew Pirate

  • The quality of the game seems well above other homebrew pirates, thus it seems likely it is a internally developed prototype by either Capcom or Sega.
  • The Street Fighter II Champion Edition- SUHS video has the same music as the prototype.
  • The 4 in the score is similar to the 4 in prototype screenshots. If it were a pirate, the pirates would have likely used graphics from the SNES port of SF2 instead.




This was a hack released by "The Boss" on 1994-06-02.

            THE BOSS RELEASED:              
        MADE BY SOME REAL FREAKS!           

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