Dominion (Aug 27 1992 prototype)

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Dominion (Aug 27 1992 prototype)
Build date Aug 27, 1992 23:40:02
Build name Dominion (Aug 27 1992 prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by N/A
Released by B00daW
Origin Binary
Game Dominion
Genre Puzzle
Release date Unreleased
Download Dominion (Aug 27 1992 prototype) (info)

This game was found in the archive for John Smith - Special Agent for NES by Chris Shrigley. It appears on his many résumés referencing that he worked on it for Gremlin Interactive; even though it Core Design appears on the title screen. Chris uses a moniker "Kristoff Chigski" in this build.

The game should play fine in an Atari ST; as it does in the emulator Steem. Simply apply the correct location for the hard drive and extract into its own directory assuring that the "DATA" directory remains recursive (as it's referenced in the PRG binary image.)


- At first glance this build does not seem to have any music built into it.


Thanks to kevtris and Slimeball for helping figure out this puzzle, when it actually was a lot easier than we were making it. :)

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