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Hi there. I collect games and stuff. I run Gamar Technologies

Togemet2 has contributed 135 edits and 75 articles.


Togemet2 has released 6 prototypes.

A-Max Boxing (prototype)Nintendo DS
A-Max Tennis (prototype)Nintendo DS
Mario's Time Machine (Prototype)SNES
Super Adventure Island II (Prototype)SNES
Tetris (prototype)14 June 1989Game Boy
Wordtris (prototype)1992Game Boy

Latest articles

  • Eternal Champions (U) (Prototype - Nov 17, 1993) (hidden-palace 000.png
  • Toy Story (USA) (Sample) 000.png
  • Technocop (Prototype) 000.png
  • Taz-Mania (Prototype) 000.png
  • Putty Squad (Europe) (Proto) 000.png
  • Puggsy Prototype 000.png
  • F1 - World Championship Edition (Europe) (Beta 2) 000.png
  • F-15 Strike Eagle II (USA) (Beta 1) 000.png
  • Frog Dude (USA) (Proto) 000.png
  • Ballz 000.png
  • Nintendo2000title.png
  • Nintendo1999menu.png
  • Legendary-starfy-demo.png
  • Zelda-spirit-tracks-demo.png
  • Zelda-phantom-hourglass-demo.png

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